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A Birth Defect is Not an End to Life, it's Just the Beginning... 


Pregnancy should be the most awe-inspiring, magical time of your life. If you found us, your 3D peek at your little bundle of joy didn't go like you planned. We're sorry. We've been there. You have questions they can't answer. You have fears you can't squash. You have a decision to make. You've heard all the "worst-case senario" posibilities. You've spent 4 hours getting to know a social worker and geneticist instead of deciding on a name or fighting over whose side of the family he or she resembles. You're exhausted. What do you tell your family and friends?


While we cannot make those decisions for you, we CAN show you the other side of LIFE with a birth defect, plus share stories of how what we were told ended up being wrong. We all have children who are beautiful, thriving examples of how physical "imperfections" are more than scars from multiple surgeries. They are battle wounds which the entire family partakes emotionally in, and they create strong-willed, determined young adults who challenge the status-quo and inspire all they encounter with their grace-filled eyes and can-do attitudes. The children and families on these pages all have different diagnoses and challenges, but have in common one thread--they chose to look at the picture above as a sunrise to a new dream--and they are so happy they did! 

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If you are pregnant with a baby who has a birth defect and are contemplating abortion, call us day or night to talk to someone who has been there! There is HOPE!




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